Professional Training

We will no longer be able to provide professional training availability under it’s current format. There will be no more sessions available after 21.11.22. You can still book any available sessions up until that date. If you would like to use the studio for training please contact to arrange studio hire.

We can offer training for those who hold their own public liability insurance in the studio out with our class times. For your first visit we ask that you contact in advance to organise an introduction to the space. Where we can show the rigging and how to open and close the studio, so that you can access any further sessions yourself.

You can attend whenever there is availabiltiy on the booking site, you don’t have to stick to the times but if the time is not part of any of the session that is because there will be classes on in that time.For exampe: Sessions available one day are:
06:00-08:40, 12:40-15:00, 15:00-17:30 and 21:00-00:00
This is because we have classes from 09:00-12:30 and 18:00-21:00 so you could chose the 12:40 slot but attend from 14:30-17:30 if you wished.

These session are suitable for training only as there will be other people in the space and the sessions maybe removed with short notice due to other bookings, these sessions can never be guaranteed.

Professional Training:

  • Only those booked and paid online should be in the space
  • You are responsible for your own safety whilst using the space
  • This is not to be used for rehearsals, photoshoots or instructed lessons
  • No outdoor shoes or clothing allowed in the studio area
  • No eating or drinking other than water on the matted area
  • Please take away all rubbish, we are a zero waste studio
  • Do not alter rigging in away way
  • Return everything to the same state as found (you will be responsible for any damange or cleaning up costs)
  • Open and close procedure to be followed

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